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Flight School Test Prep

1. What is the minimum age to obtain a Private Pilots certificate?

2. What is the minimum age in order to solo in an airplane?

3. When does a Student Pilot License expire?
12 calendar months
24 Calendar months
It does not have an expiration date

4. As a student pilot, are you permitted to carry passengers?

5. As a Private Pilot, can someone pay you to fly them?

6. To act as pilot in command of an aircraft carrying passengers, the pilot must have mast at least 3 takeoffs and landings on the proceeding 90 in an aircraft of the sameā€¦?
Make and model
Category and class
Category, class, and type, if a type rating is required

7. How long is an aircraft registration valid for?
3 Years
3 years on the last day of the month

8. With respect to certification of airman, which are category of aircraft?
Airplane, rotorcraft, glider, lighter than air
Single engine, multiengine
Gyroplane, helicopter, airship

9. Who is responsible for ensuring appropriate entries are made in maintenance record indicating the aircraft has been approved for return to service?
Owner or operator
Certified mechanic
C) Repair shop

10. What is the definition of nighttime?
Sunset to sunrise
The time between the end of evening civil twilight and the beginning of morning civil twilight
1 hour after sunset to 1 hour before sunrise

11. What does an ATC clearance provide?
Separation from other traffic
Authorization to proceed under specified traffic conditions in controlled airspace
Priority over all other traffic

12. Which aircraft has the right of way over the other aircraft listed below?
Aircraft refueling another aircraft

13. Who has the final authority with the operation of an aircraft?
Pilot in command
Federal aviation administration
Aircraft manufacturer

14. How many days does the pilot of an aircraft that has been involved in an accident need to file a report with the NTSB
5 days
10 days

15. Which of the following would be considered preventative maintenance?
Repair of landing gear struts
Oil change
Repair of portions of skin sheets by making additional seams.