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Flight School Test Prep

1.The term “angle of attack” is defined as the angle between the…

Correct Answer : Chord line of the wing and the relative wind

2.Why is frost considered hazardous to flight?

Correct Answer : Frost spoils the smooth flow of air over the wings, decreasing lifting capability

3.At what speed may you move a flight control to a full deflection without damaging the aircraft?

Correct Answer : Maneuvering speed

4. What is the maximum flap speed on the picture above?

Correct Answer : 100 Kts

5.What is the never exceed speed on the picture above?

Correct Answer : Red radial line

6.What is the angle between the chord line of an airfoil and the relative wind?

Correct Answer : Attack

7.During a spin to the left, which wing(s) are stalled?

Correct Answer : Both

8.What are the four forces acting on an aircraft?

Correct Answer : Lift, Weight, Thrust, and Drag

9.Which of the following is not one of the 4 forces that act on an aircraft while straight and level?

Correct Answer : Centrifugal

10.What is the best rate of climb?

Correct Answer : Vy

11.What is the best angle of climb?

Correct Answer : Vx

12. In straight and level, unaccelerated flight, the sum of opposing forces on the aircraft is always?

Correct Answer : Zero

13.If an aircraft is heavier in the tail it have an easier time pitching…?

Correct Answer : Up

14. What does lowering flaps increase?

Correct Answer : All of the above

15. A wing is designed to stall from ____ to ____?

Correct Answer : Root to tip

16. Changes in the center of pressure of a wing affect the aircraft’s…?

Correct Answer : Aerodynamic balance and controllability

17. What force makes an airplane turn?

Correct Answer : Horizontal component of lift

18. What is the main function of flaps?

Correct Answer : Increase angle of descent without increasing airspeed

19. How does wake turbulence vortices circle around the wingtips?

Correct Answer : Outward, downward, around each tip

20. What does Vno stand for?

Correct Answer : Maximum structural cruising speed