This school was formed out of a desire to make aviation as affordable as possible. We have a strong emphasis on encouraging disadvantaged youth and others who would not normally be exposed to aviation at this level. We do public speaking engagements at churches and local schools in an effort to inspire children of all ages to get involved in aviation. It is our goal to make flight instruction less formidable and prove that it is within the reach of all who have a Dream to fly. That Dream could be just to have a private pilots license and do the weekend warrior shuffle, or, perhaps someone has a Dream to fly the big iron, either way we have the tools, knowledge and experience to get you where you want to be! Most of our instructors are flying in the commercial arena, either as an airline pilot or as a private jet charter Pilot. This way the instructors can bring real world experience not only to the classroom but also to the cockpit environment while instructing.

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We have professional courteous staff, clean well-maintained equipment and we offer the best value for the money! All of the staff at Enas Flying School are passionate about helping people! This is the driving force for motivating us to be in the business. We want to be a valuable resource to the beginning student, as well as, to the returning professional. We have something to offer everyone who walks through our doors.

Everyone is guaranteed financing. No one is turned away! All of the financing is done at the school level. If you choose to get a loan through commercial financing that is acceptable too. All of our financing is at 0% interest, We are not making money by putting you into debt. We would love for our graduates to be debt free upon graduating from our Flight Academy!

It is our Dream to make others Dream come true. Why don’t you call or write us today for more information? You will not regret enrolling in Enas Flying School Flight Training Academy. Dreams Do Come True!!